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Gram sabha

Gram Sabhas have started effective work in gujarat since the birth date of Shri Jay Prakash Narayan i.e. 11-10-2001 under the guidance of Hon. Chief Minister Gram Sabhas have been undertaken as movement of people empowerment and people participation.
Gram Sabhas - Objectives
People empowerment
Platform providing training in healthy democracy
Opportunities for poor and women to represent.
Opportunity for harmonious relation a many officials and employs.
People participation.
Direct social audit by the people on working of government/panchayat.
Points for discussion in Gram Sabha.
Review and discussion of developmental works undertaken by the panchayats department.
Information on various programs/schemes and review of work.
Discussion and solution of the problems of the development of village and individual problems.
Discussion and review of presence and work of field employers.
Selection of beneficiaries under various schemes.
Review of eight schemes in view of judgment of home supreme court on starvation and malnutrition.
Information to the people on the provision on free legal aid.
Review of recovery of tax and assessment work.
Reading of new entries in village from No.6. of R.O.R.
Discussion on encroachment on 'gauchar', village site and roads,
Gram sabhas have started effective planning in gujrat since 11-10-2001, the birth date of Lokmanya Jayprakash Narayanji.
Total 1,71,310 gram sabha met in ten stages by conversing constant gram-sabhas.
1,39,05,508 village people remained present. They asked 7,07,887 question of which 7,00,0452 question (98.95%) have been solved till today, while 7,435 questios (1.05%) are peniding.

1 to 28 Phases of Gramsabhas - Achivements

Sr. No.DurationGramsabha HeldVillagers Presence Total Issues RaisedTotal DisposalPercentage
111-10-01 to 31-10-011815012177008689686896100
226-01-02 to 15-02-021782915622718463884638100
301-07-02 to 20-07-02175431050826608786086999.99
412-01-03 to 20-07-03181801283845109879109879100
501-05-03 to 31-05-031833611465747810278102100
631-10-03 to 06-12-03183391726588961739606399.89
721-02-04 to 15-03-048150680544247302462599.58
825-09-04 to 11-10-04182571421152625836206999.18
901-04-05 to 30-04-05182861819609482624691097.20
1001-01-06 to 31-01-06182401996389545675130294.02
1123-12-08 to 09-01-09140645145014879848038991.37
1218-05-09 to 30-06-09132583934776346873162391.17
1301-08-09 to 30-09-09101932932723278922540491.08
1416-11-09 to 30-11-09129273342156308092731788.67
1527-01-10 to 07-02-10137223439217308772711787.82
1616-05-10 to 14-06-10952719260428261697884.87
1711-11-10 to 20-12-10105972129103182921540384.21
1831-01-11 to 09-02-11115452292625193911514978.12
1901-07-11 to 20-07-1110093174764810994833375.80
2028-08-11 to 30-09-11 762512637198354525062.84
2105-04-12 to 06-05-1244347276735536210538.02
2225-06-13 to 30-06-139887160483612086475839.37
2302-12-13 to 15-12-138107122560112046665655.25
2420-05-14 to 15-06-1413495173344412773929772.79
2515-09-14 to 15-10-1412525159415813034907069.59
2620-01-15 to 19-02-15138581723011169781364880.38
2701-07-15 to 31-07-15140291530611191831261265.74
2820-01-16 to 31-01-16140291717654265131636561.72