Panchayat, Rural Housing and Rural Development Department


Information on the scheme
Basic civic facilities like street lighting, electricity in houses internal roads, approach roads, could not be provided in poor-oriented rural houses scheme colonies in rural areas on account of inadequate sources. Consequently, life style of settler is not satisfiactory.
It has been planned to work as follows under the provision of land acquisition and structural facilities included in the scheme.

(A) Land acquisition for rural housing
To make available the village site lands for the villages where village site is not available for rural housing scheme and to be provided with complex structural facilities under various rural housing schemes.
Price of land shall be determined by district level evaluation committee.
Rs.2 lakh per gram panchyat and for different areas as per existing price.
About 500 villages will be covered under the scheme per annum.
Allotment of total Rs.1000.00 lakh under this scheme.