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Clean village, healthy village scheme

A new scheme has been introduced in 2007-08 to ensure that village is properly cleaned, there may arise good spirit on cleanliness, level of cleaning as well as level of rural life may go high. Consequently financial assistance may be given for slavering and cleanliness, which may be used for preservation of cleanliness and to purchase sanitation implements. Inspired by this, the Gram Panchayat may be alert to make the village neat and clean.
The State Government has decided to celebrate the year 2007-08 as ‘Nirmal gujarat’ its important point are as under :-

Gram Panchayat should spray medicines, in dirty places, public gutter lines and roads.
Dung-hills should be shifted to proper places and the place should be decided outside the village
Scavenging tax should be introduced in gram panchayat and village sanitation arrangement should be intensified.
Toilets should be constructed in the all of local self governments, schools, panchayat ghar, anganwadi, primary health centers etc.
Slogans/posters of ‘Nirmal gujarat’ should be displayed at public places in the village.
Arrangement for individual and community toilets should be made.
Total sanitation campaign should be organized in village areas.
Maintenance of animals should be ensured at a proper distance from residential places.
State govt. shall allocate the amount equal to collection of scavenging tax by the village as incentive grant.
The village which will collect incentive grant by the State Government at 110%
A provision of Rs. 500.00 lakh has made during financial year 2007-08 under this scheme.

Swatchh Gam Swasth Gam Yojana Progress Report

Sr. no.YearBudget ProvisionGrant alloted
Rs. In lakhsRs. In lakhs
 Total 12888.81