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Legal Branch

As per Gujarat Panchayat act 1993, Panchayat officers - complaints against them, work on elections, observation on resolutions of Panchayats guidance to district Panchayat, remain present in important meetings. Express opinions on files submitted by the employees under control and submit them further, filing work; inspection and control over work of employees.
As above and work regarding court cases appeal and ancillary work under section, 57(3), 59(3), 32(2), 73(3) and 145(1)(B) of Gujarat panchyats Act.
Work and ancillary work under sections 56, 70, 84, 145, 249(4) 249(5), 267, 273, 275, 84 of Gujarat panchayat Act.
Appeals of panchayat employees class 3 against penal order-appeal against rules 14, 20 of Gujarat panchayats service (Discipline and appeal) rules 1993.
Gram panchayat, taluka panchayat, district panchayat elections and ancillary matters, work regarding Bhuriya Committee, increments to be given to gram panchayats which are uncontested.
Issue notices on appeal under section 57 (3), 59 (3) of Gujarat Panchayat Act, compare judgments & issue them, rit procedure against appeal of judgment in high court, Write works sheets of legal unit 1; movement of files, accept all incoming post of branch and distribute them. Abstract of branch and urgent work with deputy chitnis of branch.
All petitions made against the office to Hon. High court to be presented to Hon. High court and help chitnis (law) in ancillary activities.