Panchayat, Rural Housing and Rural Development Department
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Establishment Branch

Taluka Development Officer- promotion, transfer, deemed date, higher pay-scales, efficiency bar, sanction of waiting period, review of cases at 50-55 years, conditional /unconditional work, maintenance of service cards; casual leave of District Development Officer, joining time; price; work on establishment of the Officer Of Development Commissioner, class I, II, (air journey); preliminary enquiry against class 1 and 2 officers;Taluka Development Officer; all offices of District; Panchayat Confidential report of class 1 and 2,Taluka Development Officer; Departmental Examination; seniority list of class 3 employees at district level, preliminary departmental enquiry against I.A.S. officers; compilation of chapters of chapters of vigilance commission.
Promotion transfer, efficiency bar, leave; waiting period of Taluka Development Officer, review of cases at 50-55 years; conditional / unconditional work, deemed date; higher pay-scale; service; prize, casual leave; joining time of District Development Officer; sanction for oil journey; Establishment of Officers of Development Commissioner; confidential report of Taluka Development Officer.
Preliminary Departmental enquiry against Taluka Development Officer, Deputy District Development Officer, Accounts Officer; Internal Audit, Agriculture Branch. Gram Sevak-tour diary of District Development Officer, inter district transfer; ex-gracia, service.
Appointment transfer retirement pay-scale, allowance; creation of posts in District / Taluka Panchayat; Hindi examination –exemption from passing,Account cadre; Social Welfare Branch, Education Branch, Animal Husbandry Branch; Development service; Departmental examination; Division of New Districts / Establishments.
Administration of roster. Work of technical boards of Construction Branch; work-charged establichment; work of talati/circle inspector/Taluka Panchayat, officer code; work of part-time daily wager employees; self fund posts.
Enquiry work against officers other other than I.A.S officers/class 1 officers; Developments service cadres, class 1 of officer; Development service cadres class 2 of each District, seneority list.
Assistance To Deputy Citric Of Establishment Unit 1; typing of letters, comparing, out word of letters, issue reminders; inward of letters detect P.C. work entrusted by the officer.
Assistance To Deputy Chilies Of Establishment Unit 2; typing and comparing of letters; outward of letters; issue reminders; acceptance the office.
Assistance To Deputy Citrus Of Establishment; typing comparing, outward of letters; accept posts, noting in work-sheets, work entrusted by the officer.